Topping D90SE (Second Edition) MQA
  • Topping D90SE (Second Edition) MQA

    The new improved version of Topping D90 now D90SE (Seceond Edition) use 2 x ESS 9038Pro IC converters. The D90 was a highly acclaimed dac that for its asking price deliver the goods in spades.

    Now the new D90SE superseed the quality and present the best measurements and sound quality for the money in its price range. All digital inputs is available incl. the best of them - the i2S. The D90SE provide XLR and RCA output. You can choose between the 6 filters you like the most. Dimmeable display, Blue tooth 5.0 (Stream direct from your ipad/Celluar/streamingservice  and much more. If you fancy the MQA codex the D90SE offer this as well. This dac is for users who wish to upgrade your compact disc player, streamer, add a affordable musical sounding decoder to your headfi system or just new in this game and on a budget but want to taste some of the best versatile digital audio around. Absoluttely recommmendable. The D90SE is delivered with a "el cheapo" mains cable and usb cables as well plus a remote. Current model s available but in limited quantities due to high demand. Book your unit NOW.

    kr 7.495,00Pris