Topping D50s & (P50)
  • Topping D50s & (P50)

    Topping D50s os the "entry" model well worthy connecting to upstream audio systems. Designet for desktop use and a huge improvement of you laptops audio sigmal. Adding the linear powersupply P50 (DKR 1095,- sold separately) it will stand the test on a stationary audio system. It uses 2 x ESS 9038 converter chips. The previous D50 was already a highly acclaimed dac that for its asking price. Now you can choose between the 6 filters you like the most. Dimmeable display, Blue tooth 5.0 and much more. At DKR 3290,- the combo D50s/P50 is a serious "best buy"contender. Can you ask for more in this price range? 

      kr 2.195,00Pris