MHDT Laboratory Orchid

MHDT Laboratory Orchid

MHDT Lab's Orchid use the Philips TDA 1541A chip and the GE5670 tube as a output buffer. The recipe is the same as the other 6 models. No oversampling and no filter. The components is of high quality and selected to their respective position in the circuitry because of their sound. Build quality is among the best. Again like all the other models the Orchid provide 4 digital inputs - BNC, RCA, Toslink and USB. Output is RCA. Check the web for the many fine reviews on this analog and organic sounding R2R dac. All MHDT dacs has no power cable included. We offer a high quality one as an option. Like we also offer 1 of the 4 class 1 tubes recommended by MHDT Labs - JJ6386. More options will be available soon. If you can find TDA1541 single or double crown versions then you are lucky and can get yet a lift sound quality.

Please note that we typical have better or the same prices as eBay and AliExpress and not 1 but 2 years warranty.

Digital Receiver CS8416

D/A converter TDA1541A (standard version w/o suffix)

I/V stage: discrete ideal transistors (OPA861 used as transistor) , no feedback

Frequency response: 20 Hz to20kHz (± 2dB)

Output impedance:  32 ohms

Output level:  3 Vrms

 All inputs support 16/24 bits/ 32 kHz up to 192 kHz

Dimensions clear (W x D X H) 276 x 150 x 60 mm

Dimensions w/ socket (W x D X H) 295 x 170 x 60 mm

Weight 2 kg

kr 10.895,00Pris
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