Linear Tube Audio Z40 integrated
  • Linear Tube Audio Z40 integrated

    Zotl 40 integrated belongs to the small group consisting of the elite among integrated amps. The amp is composed around a preamp circuit developed by David Berning the Zotl 40 Reference poweramplifier. Advanced R-2R stepped remote volume control function is included in the price. Gain can be adjusted so. Each inputs volme setting is remembered. Check also the 2 other integrates. Their first one the Zotl 10 integrated and the also just released Zotl Ultralinear integrated. Now we can offer 2 RIAA version as an option.

    • Key specifications:

      2 x 51 watt in 8 ohm. 1 XLR input, 3 RCA input, tape rec/monitor, hi/low headset outputs, 1 set of speaker terminals.

    • Refund & return conditions

      We offer 14 days "in home" testing. If you regret your purchase we refund your payment exclusive shipping, custom/local fees added when received and added when returned. We basicaly just need a notification within 14 days from receiving the amplifier. No questions asked.

    • Delivery & shipping

      This product is handcrafted and available on special request only. It can not be ordered directly in our webshop. Please contact us for further info and check if we have it available for demo.

    • Warranty

      We offer 2 years on the amp and 6 month on the tubes. You can transfer the warranty.

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