ABOUT US.................................

Wow Factor origins from Europe/Denmark. Today we are based in the Philippines. Our fine service is the same. The major change is the climate and our demo facilities. Added is that we also operate our workshop where we design/build a couple of unique speakers. 

Our company holds more than 30 years experience in the hifi and proaudio trade. We operate with selected retailers and on top of that we run a well designed show room here at our address. 


At Wow Factor we appreciate that you book a demo appointment. Our demo rooms is standard decorated rooms emulating most homes. We can show you the errors and how to correct them without bothering your bank. Before you contact us we always recommend that you get an idea about how your room sounds. With this information we can provide the best advise. It is of importance to us that you get the most out of your budget.

And who are we then? And who are you? Easy to reply right? As you we enjoy music and as you we don't mind to spoil ourself with a suitable beverage and maybe even a snack. There is no doubt about that you want as much quality for the bang wrapped in a nice package and with a long lifetime. Maybe you already have a nice set-up but feel something is missing. Maybe you need advise and recommendations.


Give us a try and we will make sure that you don't get disappointed. 



Wow Factor's 2022 audio menu.
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